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like a laxstitute, but a groupie for the girls rugby team instead of the boys lacrosse team
why are there no lesbians at this college?" "half the rugby team is gay. you should just start going to THEIR parties. be a rugmuncher!
by Kaltag November 22, 2010
2 8
a girl who likes girls & wants sexytime from them.
"Gemma Cullen well rugged munched Cat"

yes you are a rug muncher.
by shizzlemysoup May 23, 2008
26 32
A person who loves to eat filthy carpet.
Man, Martha Stewart is a fucking rugmuncher.
by dudefrom otown April 09, 2007
14 20
see alex wright
alex wright is a rug muncher
by tim tittylicker December 27, 2007
24 34
A woman who licks bush. The most famous of them all is Rikki Smith.
Hey, isn't that Rikki the rug muncher?
by Bush Bobber April 23, 2003
32 47
a shot with tequilla, gold shlanger and zambuka. has to be taken with a slice of lime. first lick the lime, down the shot and then munch into the lime!shot, drink, lime
i love a good rug muncher!
by gnasher456 January 08, 2009
9 25
Someone who eats women out
jeremy's never going to munch rug because he loves the cock(according to malcolm his fondel buddy)
by Anonymous November 28, 2002
31 49