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4 definitions by gnasher456

to get caught out
KT got corbed dossing when she was supposed to be studying
by gnasher456 April 26, 2009
3 1
to have your legs spread as if you have a pole up your ass
she had a good night, look at the spradle on her this morning!
by gnasher456 October 29, 2008
3 1
its the shortened and hence cooler version of ridonkulous. only D4s are cool enough to use it. ridoinkulous ridonculous ridonk D4
OMG! were waiting for the bus for ten minutes now, its just donk cubed!
by gnasher456 January 04, 2009
0 4
a shot with tequilla, gold shlanger and zambuka. has to be taken with a slice of lime. first lick the lime, down the shot and then munch into the lime!shot, drink, lime
i love a good rug muncher!
by gnasher456 January 08, 2009
9 25