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someone who eats out a women with a very hairy cunt
"Cletus is obbsessed with licking hairy cunts"
"He's such a rug muncher"
by Sandra Danillesonarionton July 22, 2003
One who gives oral sex to women,who usually is a lesbian. The 'rug' refers to the clit/pussy/vaggy/fuckholeetc... or perhaps the pubic hair of that region.
Also, in mens opinions, the 2nd best thing that has ever happened to the world, behind bisexuals.
Woman1: Munch me ruggy! Munch me!
Woman2: makes slurping noises
by Mici Da Wici October 31, 2003
A Woman who enjoys to eat out other females, Also known as a "Lesbian"
Suzy is a rugmuncher, because she at Erin's fish.
by Poop April 16, 2003
a lesbian
you are a rug muncher
by tim mitchell June 21, 2003
another term for a dyke or lesbian.
That large girl with the short hair and hairy legs looks like a rug muncher.
by Taliesin January 09, 2005
A woman who indulges in various 'carpet capers'. A lesbian. Also see dyke, lesbo and carpet muncher.
Melissa liked to munch on rugs from time to time, although it didn't do her halitosis any good.
by Cyco December 29, 2003
someone who get a womans beaver rubbed in their face while eating out the girl's pussy. It is referred to as rug because of the flatness of the bush.
Man 1: So i heard you are a rug muncher?
Man 2: Yeah i definitely am.
Man 1: Are there any other things you much on? ;)
Man 2: No i am not going to munch on your AIDS infested cock
by Steve Ratson November 03, 2006
A term used to describe a woman who is a lesbian and who likes nothing more than to get down and lick pussy
I wouldnt bother trying to chat her up mate, she's a blatant rug-muncher
by Laoidhigh July 27, 2006