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A mental state that a female exhibits out of reverse sexism. Because she is unaware of her sexism, she will claim to deserve supreme aristocratic rights from a partner due to her looks or her child-bearing "pain." Any brainwashed man will give her tangible things and emotional sublimity to stop her, and she will only demand more.
"Look at that lady; I'd go out with her, but she's got princess syndrome. Hookin' up with a good lookin' / intelligent guy like me would just make her condition worsen."
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by Robert J. Blevins August 18, 2006
When a girl is deluded in thinking that she is a 'princess' & everyone else--such as her friends, family, & peers, are of secondary or little importance.
I wonder if Paris Hilton still suffers from the princess syndrome after her grandfather claimed that he's changing his will & no longer leaving his children & grandchildren his riches but rather, donating them to charity.
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by catfight12 January 08, 2009
An increasingly prevalent condition found primarily in young heterosexual American women. Characterized by (1) unrealistically high expectations; (2) materialistic conduct; (3) a sense of entitlement; (4) exploitative behavior; (5) feelings of superiority; and (6) a lack of regard for society’s rules and mores.

Princesses believe in their own exceptionalism and usually hail from wealthy or upper middle class families. They are quick to describe themselves as "awesome" or "amazing" on social media. Given their access to resources, they are typically attractive, although rarely naturally beautiful. In public, princesses may attempt to cut in line, believing their time to be more valuable than others’. They enjoy berating cashiers, waitresses, and other service workers. Princesses often walk down the wrong side of the street but refuse to yield the way to oncoming pedestrians.

Princesses also typically maintain unrealistic dating expectations. A princess may, for example:

- Stand 5’2” yet refuse to date men under 6’
- Demand a “successful man” despite having never worked a day in her life
- Display the arrogance typically found in 10s as a 6.5

The prognosis for Princess Syndrome is largely unfavorable. Management options typically include:

- Cessation of allowances and support funds
- Full-time work obtained through independent efforts

In some cases, full remission has been achieved, but most patients who present with Princess Syndrome typically retain it for life.
Since her profile contains nothing but mentions of how "amazing" she is, she might have Princess Syndrome.

If you spoil your daughters, you run the risk of causing them to develop Princess Syndrome at an early age.
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by Nomadic Observer August 10, 2014
1)People who suffer from the need to be waited on hand and foot.
2)People who want what they want and want it now.
Jane Jetson - The Jetsons - Opening credits
Shows her Princess Syndrome symptoms
#greed #selfishness #self-absorbed #wife #girlfriend
by Shannon McNamara October 26, 2008
This is a certain behavior that many females have, that stems from a young age. It starts out with just a cute, lets say 6 year old girl, who is constantly told 'she is beautiful' by her parents and environment, and is treated like a princess as long as she behaves. This might happen throughout all her years of growing up; she's called 'the most beautiful girl in the class' or is made to feel like she is 'what every guy wants'. In the end, she will have a long list of men that hit on her, but that she ended up rejecting.

The problem is if you 'have a crush' or 'fall in love' with one of these girls. Usually it will end by her 'breaking up' (at least the tension) by saying she's not really interested. The rejected man has to move on.
When a girl has princess syndrome, she's probably not worth going after.
Man I didn't realize it at first, but the girl i met last night definitely suffered from princess syndrome.
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by poopripper January 05, 2015
Princess EGO syndrome.... he's so wonderful, cuz I told myself he is, can or will be .... that's nobody's fault but their own, the advice then is to tell the next generation of girls not to waste a day of their short perishable youth searching for the built up fairy tale dream of how their prince charming is to be, cuz they can't ever change the beast, and if the beast seems to be changing to what she thinks she wants, remember he's just acting or stupid. You cant change the nature of the beast, and you only waste your life trying, that's the female dilemma, trying to change the beast into something she can control!!!!!!!
Princess syndrome -any female that is spoiled rotten to point of delusion and believes it as a reality, this is the number one cause of divorce, abuse, rape, and death for these types. Annoying the bee hive too many times eventually gets you stung....
#ego #princess #stupid #annoying #entertainment for men
by splib99 March 27, 2015
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