An over the pants handjob in a Wal-mart parking lot.
After our date, I got a RUDY.
by Andy_rew May 13, 2012
Rudy's are the perfect example of a man. His inner beauty makes an appearance in his seamlessly flawless physical figure. Every girl secretly wants him, but is too nervous to tell him. He gives girls the butterflies and just seeing his face can make someone smile. He is extreme understanding, always offering a shoulder to cry on. Rudy's give the best advice. Family and friends are the most important things in his life, but he always has time for extra activities. He is the most friendliest person, always making new friends wherever he goes. Even though he does not have much experience about relationships because he is afraid of heartbreak, once he finds someone that is special to him, he will give her every ounce of his love. He will love her with every atom in his body and will do anything for her. He will never make her do something she does not want to do. Commitment is extremely important to him and he does not care what other people say. He makes people happy. His positiveness is contagious.
Rudy will never leave you.

Rudy will always love you.
by Mbeaw July 21, 2014
A RUDY is a term referring to a males genital area when it becomes aroused. A RUDY only becomes a RUDY when it is fully enlarged. One can get a RUDY in the morning, also known by the name "morning wood", or when a hot girl walks by, commonly known as an "erection".
"Man, did you see that girl?"
"Yeah, I popped a RUDY the minute I saw her!"
by rudylicious March 03, 2010
A cool nickname for a girl. The best ever. Rudy is such a hottie
I love Rudy
by sfsklfjsd March 04, 2010
A ugly ass guy usually a rapist .
Rudy The guy in my algebra class
by Rudy May 30, 2014
is someone that is a very nice person. someone that tells his girlfriend he loves her and someone that is caring... also someone thatcan be a little stuburn. but still you can still coun on him.
Rudy loves his girl Ruth. he is a very nice and understanding guy.
by kityboo69 April 28, 2006
A group of rude people.
"you guys are rudies"
by Makayla H December 31, 2008

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