An honest dependable lovable sexy man who loves his children and his wife he is all you could want in a man sensitive yet manly in tune with a womans needs goes out of his way to make you feel special and is all around the best of the best
Too bad you stupid whores Rudy is mine now
by boohoo:) March 22, 2011
Nickname for a rude-boy, in other words, a fan of ska music who is also part of the scene, goes to ska shows, dances at them, and maybe even plays in a ska band. Listens to bands such as The Specials and hails The Clash.

Today's Rudies may listen to bands such as Propaghandi or Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, or to those that have more punk-ish aspects, such as Rancid. Some remain traditionalists.
Somebody who listens to punk, is D.I.Y., goes to punk shows and generally does punk stuff is (probably) a punk.

Somebody who wears hemp clothes, wants to go back in time to Woodstock Festival of '69, is all for free love and listens to The Doors is (probably) a hippie.

Somebody who listens to ska, is strongly opposed to racism, goes to ska shows and dances at them, likes tambourines and reggae is (probably) a rude boy - Rudy.
by msgtoyourudy June 13, 2009
The perfect boyfriend; the best a girl could ever have. Even if you're upset, he'll always manage to cheer you up. Despite any arguments you may have, things will always stay strong with Rudy. He is gorgeous, sweet, funny, charming and just overall perfection. His jokes will always make you giggle, and he'll turn your bad day into one of your best days. He's the most gorgeous boy in the world and his beautiful eyes you could look into forever; they charm you and make you fall in love with him all over again. When he sings to you, even his little rap songs, he'll make you tingle inside and always cheer up your spirits. In conclusion, Rudy is the most perfect guy ever. If you ever meet a Rudy, you'll understand what I mean.
I love you Rudy :)
by Melissa18437 March 25, 2013
When you do anything but sexy time with someone, they're the best as they don't add to your number. Rudies can include blow jobs, fingering, tit wanks, etc.
normal quotes can be 'i rudiesd him' 'did you not even do rudies'...
by cappas March 12, 2009
A man who loves with all his heart and has many friends who love him back. A man who will give you the shirt off his back and never expect anything in return. A man who lives life to the fullest without regrets or remorse. A man who wants nothing more in life than to love, be loved, and make others happy. A man who will be missed greatly when he is gone. A man who makes others realize how lucky they were to have had him in their lives.
That guy is so unselfish, he's such a Rudy
by Lonely Red November 29, 2011
A term used to describe 14-17 year old males, who indulge in sinful behaviour which may or may not be legal or illegal at their age. Society is more likely to accept such actions in males 18+.
Every time I turn up at parties nowadays, I seem to be surrounded by a group of rudies.
by Rio123 May 11, 2010
a guy who is nice and likes my notes;p
that guy is a rudy
by cheyenneislame April 30, 2009

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