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Rudy is also known as a girls name
Rudy off of the Cosby show
by girlxd August 11, 2009
12 31
A little baby or child
Grow up you little Rudy.
Awww whose my little Rudy.
by SYP26 May 31, 2009
11 35
Noun or verb. A person or a state of being silly. The extended phrase is a "Rudy-poo candy-ass." Made notably famous by WWE wrestler Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson between the years 1994 and 2004.
Chris Jackson is being Rudy.

Chris Jackson will check into the Smackdown hotel under the name "Rudy."
by R. Stark March 20, 2009
15 39
1. Noun: To be a failure
2. Noun: One who engages in one of the following activities:

-Parks Backwards
-Has a happy face like this -.-
-Makes dumb jokes
-Likes any girl he meets
-Uses the word "Rudy" incorrectly
-Loves Benz
-Loves Hookah but never smokes it
-Ask everyone a question to only argue no matter what they say
-Professionally Installs everything
-Mass texts people
-Meows in texts
-Gets butthurt
-Uses the word "butthurt" in wrong occasions
-If someone says hi to you, you are automatically a pimp
-Have a gameface
-When you see a bike, you stare and tell everyone to look so you can tell them what kind of bike it is
1. mike: "dude I totally just crashed my car"
steven: "rudy! LOL"

2. jamal: "bro look at me, I'm gonna park my benz backwards"
copperfield: "hahahaha you're such a rudy"

3. blake: "hey guys look at that JXSR bike"
nima: "shut up you rudy, go be a rudy somewhere else you rudy"
by unodostresfour July 03, 2009
24 51
A French-Candian White Boy.
Big blue eyes and blonde hair with a face covered in freckles.
With three older sisters, Rudy could come off as gay at first, but when he then talks about how he is in love with the girl that e can't have, you understand. Until he starts singing showtunes. :)
Enjoys photography, and is very protective of his sisters.

Adorable and he's got your back.
Robert LaCroix. <3

Ellie: Dude, I LOVE Rudy!
Grace: Oh my God, ME TOO!
Rowan: ME THREE!
by Rudy4Evr June 06, 2009
10 37
A random name one must shout everytime they berate a young child, or are yelling for no apparent reason, and in rare cases because one stubbed his or her toe.

This word possibly originates from the Cosby Show.
Namely the daughter of the main character, Rudy.
Rudy! You ate all the pickles again!
Rudy! This Tree is aproximately 94 feet tall
Ow my foot Rudy!
by Japanzie June 13, 2008
19 59
An over-hyped film made in the early 90's depicting a semi-retarded midget with seemingly innatainable goals. Rudy spends his entire life from childhood obsessing with attending Notre Dame College, and playing football there. After his fully retarded friend dies in a work related accident, Rudy finally becomes motivated enough to drop all of his responsibilities and visit the college at the ripe age of 22. A senile priest instills some idealistic viewpoint on life, and somehow gets him in. After many unintelligible rantings by the semi-retarded Rudy to a plethora of influential figures who take pity on him, Rudy makes the football team and the school. This movie would appeal mainly to who's high school careers were based upon football, and cannot let go of their dreams. Especially those douchebags who's dreams of playing professional football were crushed by their sub-standard high school grades, in combination with a dearth of phsyical talent.
Remember Todd from high school?

Yeah he's a total Rudy now, he tried going to open tryouts for FSU but got pwned via security.
by Cameron Thompson December 08, 2006
48 131