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A cute and very sweet little girl living in Connecticut who likes to sleep with cuddly gray sweatshirts on, sleep with her chubby and very soft bunny, stay up all night working on English essays, spill burning coffee on herself, wiggling her nose like a bunny, hugging her mommy Elizabeth, and giggling like a baby girl.
Rozy, Rozy, Rozy, Rozy, Rozy, Rozy, Rozy
by rozyluvr June 11, 2004
Jazzy'zz Lyf, Soul, Heart, Angel, Future Wife EVERYTHING!!!
Jazzy Lovezz Rozyy
by JazzyLovezzRozy December 03, 2008
a fukin hoar hoo tries 2 act nice but is a fukin two faced beatch
look at Rozy man, da fukin hoar
by niggeration November 08, 2003
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