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AKA Rotorua. A small town in New Zealand that is said to be the Vegas of New Zealand because of its many motels and neons. But in reality it is nothing like it.
Rob: Where have you been?
Carl: I just got back from Roto-Vegas.
by Stroza June 05, 2005
The coloquial term for the city of Rotorua located in the North Island of New Zealand. It's know for its geo-thermal activity and as a result stinks like rotten eggs. It also has lots of blatantly commercial 'authentic' Maori experiences, like KFC.
Person 1 - Where you of to for the weekend?
Person 2 - Rotovegas! Ye-ah!
Person 1 - Be sure to take some air-freshner, man 'cause that place stinks like rotten eggs!
by NZDefinitions April 29, 2008
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