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AKA Rotorua. A small town in New Zealand that is said to be the Vegas of New Zealand because of its many motels and neons. But in reality it is nothing like it.
Rob: Where have you been?
Carl: I just got back from Roto-Vegas.
by Stroza June 05, 2005
Hot By Association

A girl/guy that is the hottest of their friends. However, their friends may not be that hot. Therefore making them seem hotter then they are.

To put it another way the best of a bad bunch.
Bob: Man that chick is hot.

Carl: She's pretty HBA dude.

Bob: Damn your probably right!
by Stroza May 30, 2008
Stroza is normally used as a nickname. Someone with the nickname stroza is a wanker (literally or not). Can be derived from stroz, meaning to wank.
Jake: Hey stroza come here
Carl AKA Stroza: Yer bro, wat do you want?
by stroza June 05, 2005
To have a Stroz means to masterbate. So to have the nickname stroza is to be a wanker. Can be taken literally or not.
"Angelina Jolie is so hot! I stroz over her all the time.
by Stroza June 05, 2005

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