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A person who does nothing of productivity, and is often unemployed. He is of absolutly zero value to society.

Looks - Typically wears pajama pants, t-shirts, sandals / slippers in and outside of his designated rotching area (the home of a "friend" in which he mooches off of). Has shaggy hair and a scuff beard.

Hygiene - Due to his owerwhelming lazieness he showers to a minimal extent, just enough to ward off any form of infectious disease.

Activities - Drinks and smokes marijuana, but typically drinks more than he smokes (weed costs money, alcohol is free when stolen from friends). Spends majority of his time sleeping or zoning in and out off consciousness while watching T.V. No form of physical activity whatsoever (except when he has enough energy to masturbate).

Rotches are often portraited in a negative light. While in actuallity, rotches are some of the most awsome people alive.
Tanner: "Man, this show's shit, change the channel."
Rob: "Are you fucking kidding me, the channel changer's right next to you?"
Tanner: "Fuck you man, that's all the way on the other side of the couch..."
Rob: "Man, you're a total rotch."

Jim: "Steve's been living in my appartment for 4 months now. All he does is sit around, drink my beer, and eat my food. He's totally rotching off of me."
Ryan: "Yeah man, Steve's a total rotch..."
by 10249282793 January 23, 2010
How many communities protect themselves from acts of rotchery.
"Neighborhood Rotch Program"
by rotchy balboa June 06, 2004
The uncomfortable rash-like rawness that occurs between the thighs, within or just below the crotch region, as a result of too much sweaty friction.
Oh man, I should have worn underwear today...I've got terrible rotch!
by Der Steppenwolf March 20, 2005
The area between your balls and your anus.
Nice Rotch;
What is going on with my Rotch today?;
Is that your Rotch that smells so bad?;
by its nunya October 31, 2006
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