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Roseland, New Jersey is a town in Essex County. It is a part of the West Essex School District. North Caldwell, Essex Fells, and Fairfield also attend this school district. Their elementary school sucks balls and is run by crazy teachers that don't know how to run shit. The school's teachers are paid higher than most and still expect more. The craziest bitch there is Mrs. Schwartz; she's an old hag that needs to leave. The people that live in this town include snobby white families with bratty, spoiled kids. They all drive nice cars and own fairly large houses. The girls are all bitches and the boys are all dicks. The girls only care about designer clothes and Steve Madden shoes. The boys think BMXing is the coolest thing in the world and that's all they talk about. They all think they're guidos and 100% Italian. They reference Jersey Shore in most of their conversations, which gets old pretty damn fast. After about 20 minutes of being in this shit-hole you'll probably puke out roses. All the adults are just as cliquey as their bitchy daughters. Every one of those people are insane to live there and the only stores are in the Roseland Center. At the "Center" most kids will buy their drugs from Lucky's and eat at La Pizza with their nubby friends and stupid bikes. In the Springand Summer, they will do their drugs in the center or under the bridge behind Noecker.
Todd: Hey Vince, wanna go to the Roseland Town Center to get our drugs from Lucky?
Vince: Nah bro, didn't you learn anything from Officer Phil?
Todd: Fine I'll just ask some 5th grader down at Noecker.
Vince: Make sure you hide my spray-paint under the bridge
by yardsalen00b July 04, 2011
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A town in Essex County, New Jersey. This town if full of swag kids. Between the Italians, swag masters with huge houses and tiny houses, this town is amazing. The children have two choices of preschool and attend Noecker Elementary school. After that, the kids move on to either West Essex middle school, Seton hall prep, Aquinas academy or Newark academy or any other private school in the area. Most kids from this town follow a hometown rapper whom they call "Roseland God." Yet this seems very strange. Although, other towns in the the district; Fairfield, Essex Fells & North Caldwell also worship him. Besides that, most kids from Roseland are perfect people.
"Have you visited the Harrison House?"
" Nah man, I don't even know where that is!"
"Oh, silly peasant, it is in Roseland. The best town ever!"
by anoon772 March 27, 2016
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