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After a night out, when you go back to your newfound partner's place, you get told that in fact they're not interested in you, and you realize you've been lead on. You're the verge of sealing the deal, only to suddenly be swiftly tossed aside like a puppy on boxing day.
*Victim arrives home from his walk of shame*
Friend: "Did you go back with that Yorkshire lass? How did it go?"
Victim: "Mate, I got completely roried. She was all over me in the club, but when we got back to hers, she made me sleep on the floor! I legged it once she'd fallen asleep, screw that!"
#used #unlucky #one night stand #fling #club #sex #foreplay #frigid
by Knightcote November 07, 2013
To become so drunk on shots, before crashing out with no memory of what happened the morning after, and a steaming hang over that lasts the day.
My friend was uttlerly Roried last night, couldn't remember why he had no money left, who he went home with, or why he felt so ill.
#roryed #drunk #shots #no memory #no money
by Gamlingayer September 13, 2010
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