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Its source is rupa, a Sanskrit name meaning "Beauty" and "Silver"

Rupal (can also be spelt Roopal) means "Beautiful" and "Made of silver".
Rupal is a village in the Rupal Valley of the Astore District in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.
Roopal/Rupal is a beautiful girl.
by Oobly September 28, 2014
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The word "Roopal" is used to define a giraffe like tall girl who is very graceful and often gets attracted to ant like men. She often makes wrong decisions in life but her beauty and loyalty makes up for all of it, because she is freakin' awesome!

She's sexy and one look from her gets all boys hot and hard1 She's a divine person.
She's having some troubles, but you know how she is! She's a Roopal! Things will turn out well!
by roopalloveryoobabyyy May 13, 2014

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