The epitome of douchbaggery. Brings random "women" to your room while you are trying to study for your chem exam. Dick move.
Roommate: Dude I just brought home sara! Oh, we're gonna be chillin in the living room watching a movie on YOUR tv. So don't bother us.
Me: Fuck you and your douchebaggery.
by T3hMasterChief August 28, 2009

a roommate is a person with whom you share a room or a house. serious consideration and thoughts should be put into selecting roommates, for some are not suited to be or to live with roommates. with careful selection, roommates can be your best friends. usually when one is too lazy to put any effort into finding a good roommate, he will end up with an animal-like human who makes his life hell. subsequently, he will conclude that all roommates are evil and go into solitude.
a hot chick lives in the room next to mine. i love my roommate!
by Youn August 19, 2007
the bitch that sleeps in the room across the hall in my apartment who is a filthy whore with a short temper and annoying voice. The person that also messes up the kitchen and living room after you've cleaned it up like a 5 year old.
My roommate would not stop talking as she spread her filth around the room
by Yvonne Houston March 06, 2009
What you get when you can't pay all of the rent to stay by yourself. In other words, you get what you pay for. Having peace and quiet is more expensive but well worth it.
Staying with roommates are my least memorable experience in college.
by Sunshine14 March 02, 2009
Someone who claims to be your friend, but once you move in with them "forgets" to pay you back for rent/electiric/cable/ethernet, bitches about dishes in the sink when they all belong to her, forces you to get rid of your cat by pretending they are allergic to it, destroys your furniture, pretends to be depressed to get attention, and generally freaks out about the stupidest things imaginable. ie: A roommate is a spoiled bitch who either can't or refuses to clean, and is used to mommy and daddy giving her everything.
me: Can you give me the electric check?
roommate: Uh yeah....(proceeds to never give you a check until you corner her in the kitchen.)
me: Can you move your stuff out of the living room?
Roommate: Uh yeah...(never moves shit, but bitches about how the room is messy)
by Want to kill her November 11, 2005
Someone you live with in your dorm/apartment/house/suite etc. during your college-life, or real-world life. He/she will ultimately become either your greatest enemy or your best friend, though the latter has a slim chance of happening. IF you can avoid the first, find someone whom you 1) can bond with instantly 2) have share the same field of study (in college) or work, and 3) can trust. Keep in mind, however, that this privilege of choice more openly comes to you after your freshman year of college.
Dude 1: I hate my roommate. He's so shady, he "forgets" to pay his share of the bills, we're not in the same classes, and we never hang out! We have nothing in common!

Friend 2: Aw really? Well, my roommate's the exact opposite of yours, taking everything you said into account. He's awesome! You should come meet him!

Dude 1: For sure! Maybe us three can room together next year!
by AMNlinkinparkfan115 September 29, 2010
1. A person you have no control over being grouped with at college or university based flats.

2. A person you get on with and bide by an unwritten code of conduct.

3. A fat, annoying slob whose "studying" includes nothing but listening to obnoxious hardcore music on an endless loop long into the night and literally lives on carryouts. A lifeless turd who does nothing but rip-off students needing accommodation who actually would do the legwork required.
1. I have been placed in an apartment with room mates X and Y.

2. My room mate and I agree to clean up our own mess.

3. Room mate is a fat, annoying asshole who effectively lives in his room all day watching movies and listening to music.
by SupaAFC February 26, 2009

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