a term used to describe a live-in sexual partner w/out publicly admitting a committed relation. Commonly used at bars when attempting to gain a new sexual partner when questioned about a current one. Used by both men and women, most commonly heard in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Oh.. She's just my room-mate.

OMG, he tells everyone we're room-mates, can you believe that?

Hey, wanna come over to my place? My room-mate is out of town.

Me and my room-mate need to get a bigger bed, she keeps getting fatter!
by Deadwait March 01, 2009
An individual, usually someone who couldn't find anyone else to live with, that takes up space, makes noise when you are trying to sleep, and walks in on you while you are masturbating. Luckily the roommate will typically not find it too strange if you just stay under the covers looking annoyed until he/she leaves.
*Door opens*
Roommate: Hi! I didn't know you were up.
Pants-less Me: Um... I'm not....
by Itchyiris February 03, 2010
(n.) - The bain of one's existence. Often smelly, disrespectful, condescending, noisy, and all around horrible to know, let alone to live with. A roommate is often known to use your shit without permission, and return it in worse condition. If this means food, it is generally gone or at the least tainted beyond edibility. Roommates with typically dictate their own sleep schedule as if it is supreme to yours, stating they are an architecture major or some bullshit. Sometimes a roommate will play video games on your Xbox and television, talking to themselves while you are trying to be at peacel. Without noise canceling headphones, this can be extremely difficult. Particular roommates will make horrific noises, trying to deal with mucus build up in their windpipe. Kind of sounds like a cat coughing up a hair ball, while simultaneously scratching a chalkboard. It makes a person want to stab their roommate in the eye repeated, until the roommate ceases to live. If that isn't bad enough, a roommate will come back from the gym smelling as if he or she (he) has shit his or her (his) pants. To top it all off, a roommate will stare at a distance over your shoulder at whatever you are doing or watching on your computer. Sometimes, one might be compelled to do the same, but this time point an imaginary .50 cal sniper rifle at the back of the roommates head, pull the trigger, and fantasize about the ensuing carnage.
Sadly, one might begin to like to the roommate upon first appearance. Do not be fooled. I BESEECH YOU! Learn to deal, or GTFO WHILE YOU STILL CAN.
by TobehTheLangman May 19, 2011
Sarcastic representation of someone that is your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband but you refuse to label them as such. This person (roommate) carries all the authority and power of a significant other, though you deny any association to all friends and family.

Hey Eric, how did you get that bruise on your eye? Did your roommate beat you up?


Person A - Dude!, what do you mean you all of a sudden cant go on this trip?

Person B - insert lie

Person A - Whatever...probably your roommate got you on lock down, huh?
by AsianPersuasian March 18, 2008
a whore you live with that you go get a pregnancy test for, even though she has never done anything for you. and then you run into people you know while buying this pregnancy test. and she doesn't pay you back.
Roommate: Oh my gosh I think I'm pregnant.

You: Go get a pregnancy test.
Roommate: But my mom works across the street that the CVS is on. Will you go to CVS and buy it for me?
You (inner monologue): But you've never done anything for me...why should I?
You (out loud): Umm. Sure.
by tooniceforyourowngood December 01, 2009
someone you live with who you thought would be a good friend. it turns out they they insult you into submission until you are crying in your closet for 3 hours a day, to scared to come out due to fear of more insults.
example: your a crappy roommate you flaming stag, why dont you go take a nap... in the bottem of a bath tub. you useless sack of sh*t.
by ~dan!_ October 05, 2006
Either the most annoying or the greatest person you will ever meet. Plus you have to live with them...
My room mate was up cutting apart aluminum cans for an art project till 5am this morning. I didn't get any sleep either.

My room mate was the best man at my wedding.
by UrdeafbutImnotsouseheadphones March 31, 2011

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