Top Definition
1. That really awesome guy from Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure
2. a synonim for damn ass cool
1. Roofus is stellar
2. Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure is totally roofus!
by Boner Bill July 06, 2003
a word expressing excitement or expressing that something is hip or in style
person #1: wow i like that watch it's cool
Person #2: yyeeaahhh rofus!
person #3: uh...thanks
by Veive May 03, 2003
Hideous or outrageously ugly/disgusting.
Abrieviated as roo.
When outrageously roo can be said as ROO ROO ROO ROO ROOOOO!!!
1.)That outfit she is wearing is roo!!!
2.)His girlfriend is roofus.
by Danya Abughalya July 28, 2008
Another word for guts.
I hit you in the roofus.

He has some roofus to do that stunt.
by guy on coach October 28, 2005
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