To be coopered means to be friends with someone for a few weeks and then just randomly hook-up all of a sudden in a drunken night, but you are still friends after it.
Random: Hey Rachel! Am I going to get Coopered tonight?
Rachel: Nope, I am sorry but no one is getting coopered tonight.
by I got coopered. November 20, 2011
When a male producer chooses the easier of the female production assitants to go on a production shoot, even when she has less experience
I asked him if he needed a PA and he chose her over me, I was totally coopered
by J--K May 22, 2006
When a friend asks to spend the night, then stays for 6 months....
Scott to Mike-"Hey Mike can I spend a few days on your couch while I visit".....6 months later.... Mike's wife-"we've been Coopered".....
by Blackmaverick August 27, 2016
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