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A type of girl who gives guys a chance to let them bang her.
Dude you totally could've been with a Roo Roo by now.
by R. Horje November 26, 2010
Three-way, all-male, simultaneous, competitive sodomy. In other words, a three-way butt fuck. The man in the middle is the Quimby or Lucky Pierre.
Alex and Matthew were a Quimby away from a roo-roo.
by BAFV September 16, 2007
A Special Baby Who is so Adorable & Loving and often the best lover that there is with good you know you know...
Your my Rooroo baby :)
by M-R-M-R May 01, 2011
The squodgiest, snuggliest, most frobbulent blongalubjubulent creature in existence. Cuter than the cutest rabbit, and then some. The cutest action achievable by the roo-roo is the hibernation in a cocoon of bedsheets, and the ensuing struggle to escape.
The roo-roo is with the pink rabbit of happiness!
by Pinkrabbitofhappiness July 16, 2011
A form of severe, brutal and enthusiastic sodomy perpetrated upon the posterior nether-regions of the vicitm.
I am going to inflict some serious Roo Roo upon your ass if you don't get your shit together.
by Toob Steak July 14, 2004
slang- negro, blacks, derogatory term.
Look at that crazy Roo Roo buyin that 40 oz.
by robert December 27, 2003
A playful game, Roo-rooing involves kneeing a friend in the ass as a greeting.
She totally roo-rooed me when I saw her last night at the club.
by Sexbethbot June 10, 2005