A male, similar to a guido; but most likely from south Louisiana.
Must have at least three of the following to be characterized as a Ronnie:
Gelled hair, holes in Jeans, button-up vertical striped shirt, large necklace, sun glasses with they are not needed, drives a civic that is lowered, drivers seat window is always down, driver seat is always pused down/back to the max, wears a wife-beater, shaved arms and/or legs, screen printed shirts (glitter, roses, crosses or affliction), Roided up, fist pumper, tanning bedded up, large female-type accessories.
White Ronnie: Ronnie
Mexican Ronnie: Ron-ito
African American Ronnie: Ty-ronnie
Arab Ronnie: Kor-ronnie
Asian Ronnie: Chi-ronnie or Ronnie-chon
Gay Ronnie- Yannie
Old Ronnie: Gronnie
Female Ronnie: Rhonda
Ronnie from Tickfaw: Tickfaw Ronnie/ Crystal meyth Ronnie
Lee Hoti Ronnie: Gotti Ronnie
Other Ronnie sub-cats include: Hurley Ronnie, Karate Kid Ronnnie and construction worker Ronnie..also a Frat boy Ronnie is a Fronnie
by Courtney Mahler May 06, 2008
Top Definition
Scottish origin: "King"
Hebrew meaning: "Joy"

Powerful. Has sixth sense of being able to read minds. An extremely intelligent person who remains under the radar(dangerous). Shows little emotion.
Be careful what you say around that Ronnie. That Ronnie is dangerous.
by Prof Engel May 12, 2008
A guy who if you fall in love with, you will forever love, more than anyone in the world. Even after a break up. An intense charmer, and wonderful person.
I wish I had a Ronnie in my life.

You are the Ronnie of my life.
by persistantpersue August 22, 2010
guy with big dick about 9 to 12 in.
the guy had a total Ronnie
by mishel101 August 21, 2009
A guy who is really hot, all the girls love him, has a massive dick (at least 8 inches) and is awesome at everything he does.
"Wow I wish I could be a Ronnie."
by BOOBOT November 15, 2011
A best friend. Who is also a big jerk. You will want to kick him in the nuts sometimes. But he's funny and sometimes loving. But still a jerk. Big Butt head
Ronnie is cool he is just such a butt sometimes
by A_Taylor October 22, 2013
A naughty, naughty, VICIOUS little boy.
And very loquacious (see defintion: loquacious jibe), I might add.
"I made you a cake. But I ated it."
- Ronnie
by Hannancheesesandwich & Caw October 17, 2008
Someone you have to watch out for. Unpredictable. People named Ronnie tend to be prone to random outbursts, obnoxious singing (with the wrong lyrics), stealing people's shampoo, popping wheelies in a kayak, and in general making no sense. But he's funny as mess.
Dude: "Yeah, I'd love to hang out but my cousin Ronnie's coming to town, I'm gon' hafta hide my shampoo and everything"
by The Last Slackbender November 18, 2010
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