A girl who is really obssesed with boys and she likes hitting them its her thing she likes doing it.
boy: errr Ronnie called me sexy last night
Ronnie: OMG shut up

boy: she called me sexy 5 times

Ronnie:(smacks boy on the arm)
boy: lmfao
by ronnie1997 August 02, 2011
A male, similar to a guido; but most likely from south Louisiana.
Must have at least three of the following to be characterized as a Ronnie:
Gelled hair, holes in Jeans, button-up vertical striped shirt, large necklace, sun glasses with they are not needed, drives a civic that is lowered, drivers seat window is always down, driver seat is always pused down/back to the max, wears a wife-beater, shaved arms and/or legs, screen printed shirts (glitter, roses, crosses or affliction), Roided up, fist pumper, tanning bedded up, large female-type accessories.
White Ronnie: Ronnie
Mexican Ronnie: Ron-ito
African American Ronnie: Ty-ronnie
Arab Ronnie: Kor-ronnie
Asian Ronnie: Chi-ronnie or Ronnie-chon
Gay Ronnie- Yannie
Old Ronnie: Gronnie
Female Ronnie: Rhonda
Ronnie from Tickfaw: Tickfaw Ronnie/ Crystal meyth Ronnie
Lee Hoti Ronnie: Gotti Ronnie
Other Ronnie sub-cats include: Hurley Ronnie, Karate Kid Ronnnie and construction worker Ronnie..also a Frat boy Ronnie is a Fronnie
by Courtney Mahler May 06, 2008
An amazing girl with a great sense of style. a beautiful person.
man that girl is sucha ronnie
by bobinasoarglot October 21, 2009
A mustache. Also ronny.
"Bonnie's got a ronnie!"
by saggy sammy July 10, 2008
The cute nickname for Veronica Mars (off the the CW's mystery/detective show aptly named for the character.) Is called this by Logan Echolls.
LOGAN ECHOLLS: "Hey Ronnie. Hey, we’ve decided that we’d, uh, we’d rather surf than study today, you wanna come with? Duncan will promise to take his shirt off. Does that sweeten the pot?"

ME: "How many nicknames do you think Veronica Mars has?"
YOU: "Hmm... can't remember..."
ME: "There's Ronnie, obviously by Logan Echolls, Sugarpuss also by Logan, her whole name by Lilly Kane, possibly 'Ronica, Bond by Mac..."
by Lisa Parnell February 08, 2009
the hair above a females upper lip.
a female moustache.
she had a ronnie.
look at the ronnie on her!
jesus...pass the poor girl some ronnie removal cream.
by whydelilah May 28, 2009
inverted nipple (female or male), innies or crater-like nipples
Dude, my girlfriend has a ronnie on her left breast.
by flock-o June 20, 2010

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