inverted nipple (female or male), innies or crater-like nipples
Dude, my girlfriend has a ronnie on her left breast.
by flock-o June 20, 2010
(verb) to do something really gay
I was about to fuck that girl till my roomate ronnied me by offering to drive her back to her apartment instead of making her sleep over
by Hog Mahogany May 25, 2007
slang term for heroin
"i just bought a gram of that ronnie and now i'm nodding out. i think i'm gonna puke."
by jeff July 16, 2008
A boy who has fish flaps on the side of his head. He also loves to roll down hills and drink cider on the park. Kind of an odety, a Ronnie has many aquaintences but enjoys female company. He remembers dates and is kind of like a real life calender.

"Bruv, i saw that Ronnie on my birthday, I hadn't seen him in like ten years and he remembered."
"Dude that is way cool."

"He was dancin on the dancefloor with loads of his girl mates. I saw him do the moonwalk and then fall down a bank."

"God....he's such a Ronnie."
by Thy Blonduss Feamaluss September 03, 2008
A roll up cigarette

Made with a Rizla, Filter, and Tobaco
Nice ronnie there g-unit
by Darkjedi November 27, 2006
To make a mistake, an error. Normally happens from not following instructions.
I think you may have done a ronnie on that job you were working on, did you follow the instructions?
by Mik the Pike September 18, 2006
A ronnie is someone, typically of Chaldean, Italian, or Persian descent who gels his hear, wears tight muscle shirts with extremely homosexual pants. Italian Ronnies are commonly known as "guidos." Ronnies are always GDIs. The name is derived from a common saying between ronnies: "HEEEEEEY RONNNAAAAAY!" Ronnies are always closet homosexuals.
Fraternity gentleman #1: Did you see that ronnie?
Fraternity gentleman #2: Yeah...what a fucking gdi
by triFRAThlete May 03, 2007
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