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A ronnie is someone, typically of Chaldean, Italian, or Persian descent who gels his hear, wears tight muscle shirts with extremely homosexual pants. Italian Ronnies are commonly known as "guidos." Ronnies are always GDIs. The name is derived from a common saying between ronnies: "HEEEEEEY RONNNAAAAAY!" Ronnies are always closet homosexuals.
Fraternity gentleman #1: Did you see that ronnie?
Fraternity gentleman #2: Yeah...what a fucking gdi
by triFRAThlete May 03, 2007
116 171
A roll up cigarette

Made with a Rizla, Filter, and Tobaco
Nice ronnie there g-unit
by Darkjedi November 27, 2006
31 86
brown and sticky substance, aka shit.
i just took a massive ronnie
by max sven III September 11, 2006
56 120