A Ronnie has a split personality. One day she is super girly and the next she is super tomboy. A Ronnie has been through a lot but always stays positive. She is daring and does crazy things for the fun of it. She fun, silly, kind, caring, sometimes feisty, and very understanding. Ronnie is also probably the most GORGEOUS girl u may have ever see in ur entire life. If u date a Ronnie you will fall in love. She will be hard to get out of ur mind. She is an amazing kisser and AMAZING in bed! A Ronnie is also a really bad liar and has a beautiful singing voice....
Boy: I think I love Ronnie
by Ronnie Anne July 15, 2012
A beautiful girl who has very low self esteem, walks around like she's absolutely the ugliest thing ever but is really beautiful. Usually has a C-cup and is naturally beautiful but thinks she needs makeup. Dosnt fall for just anyone if a Ronnie falls for you, you know your special :)
Boy #1 oh that girl was texting me last night she's really sweet but I think she likes me.

Boy #2 oh I think her name is Ronnie dang boy you lucky Ronnie's are amazing :)
by Wantinghim November 02, 2012
Irish slang for a moustache, usually on an immature boy, or on a girl (even worse!!)
"nice ronnie" / "the ronnie on yer wan (that girl)"
by Alcatraz June 21, 2006
Scottish origin: Great King/Counsel

Powerful. Has sixth sense of being able to read minds. An extremely intelligent person who remains under the radar(dangerous). Shows little emotion.

Is usually very athletic. Great at many sports. A guy who if you fall in love with, you will forever love, more than anyone in the world. Even after a break up. An intense charmer, and wonderful person. Sometimes is very shy. Can figure a way to get through hard situations.
I want a Ronnie
by Sara Gates May 27, 2015
A tiny dwarf, that thinks he's really cool but In fact, he's just covering up for the fact that he has the tiniest penis known to man (or woman). He has a little tantrum when hot or cool people don't like him, then starts bitching about them, when in reality, he wants to be them, or wants to be inside them. Sad times Ronnie, life probs won't get better for you
Omfg that guy is pissed coz some girl rejected him. Uurgh he's acting like ronnie
by Cool io April 18, 2015
An Israeli term for the village idiot.
Tell Lior to stop that or everyone will start calling him Ronnie.
by RamaX June 04, 2015
A fat grease ball who will lick your asshole for a dollar.. Also a short fucker who will bum off of your upgrades and tickle the customers fanny to make the sale and in some cases give them a reach around
Aw fuck richard it's ronnie
by dick shithammer October 13, 2014

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