A misogynistic president known for having history rewritten about him more times than George W. Bush (his protege) told a lie.

1. He cut middle class taxes (Truth: he raised taxes 11 times)
2. He defeated the Soviets as victor of the Cold War (Truth: The Soviet Union's deterioration began well before his inauguration in Jan/1981)
3. His policy geared peaceful outcomes (Truth: spent money on useless missile programs, Iran-Contra, Latin America guerrilla war financing, provided weapons to Hussein in Iraq vs. Iran, built up Taliban like Armies in Afghanistan's battle against the Soviets)
4. He was a fiscal conservative who presided over a strong economy (Truth: Unemployment hit its highest point since the Depression in 1982, the national debt tripled under his watch, commensurate to GDP the debt increased, Black Monday in 1987, Savings and Loan Scandal, propelled America into a corporate welfare loving state)

In these rewrites came a myth perpetuated over time, primarily at outlets like Fox "News", that his Presidency matched that of true successful GOP Commanders in Chief, like Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower. Nothing could be more further from the truth.
Scott: "Ronald Reagan was the greatest President who gave us so many jobs."

Jason: "Why then were so many out of work in the initial years he was in office?"

Scott: "That was the evil Jimmy Carter's doing!"

Jason: "But unemployment rose from 1981 to 1982 when Carter no longer sat in the oval office. If tax cuts create jobs, like Reagan did in 1981 when furnishing breaks to millionaires, why did the jobless numbers escalate?"

Scott: "I guess it's Obama's fault then."

Jason: "Figures. And how do you defend his unconstitutional act of funding a violent group in South America known as the Contras? The Congress voted to forbid any financial aid be shoveled into their coffers."

Scott: "Whatever. Reagan still gave us hope."

Jason: "Yea, hope for a better President. We did get that in the form of someone from Hope, Arkansas, albeit four years after Reagan's stench departed The White House."

Scott: "He was impeached, though, over a blow job."

Jason: "Not nearly as bad as financing deadly groups in South America, defying a congressional order. Right?"
by cajayson8301 July 26, 2011
Republican President (1980's) that ignored the AIDS epidemic because he hoped it would kill off all the people he didn't like. Reagan was anti-union, sexist, homophobic, incompetent, deceitful, and a corporate tool (even before being elected). Despite his popularity in the 1980's, most Americans have realized the damage he and his administration did to the country (including a deliberate attempt to destroy the middle class). Reagan suffered from Alzheimer's during his reign of terror. He is survived by his arrogant greedy wife Nancy (who abused the children she did not have with Ronald-from his previous marriage).
Ronald Reagan turned a blind eye and a cold shoulder to the AIDS epidemic.
by BluBoi76 September 10, 2011
muthafucka planted yay in the hood then came in a hauled away my niggas for possession.
Ronald Reagan fucked me over good and now I hafta spend next 25 years in tha clank, nigga.
by Cold hawd nigga April 21, 2008
1. A racist right wing conservative who just traded in his sheet and hood for a suit and tie, and his malitia for a presidential cabinet. If you look at who actually mourned him you saw nothing but a bunch of rich white people who obviously benefited from his administration. His agenda was to turn the clock backward for America on everything from civil rights to minimum wage. His condition was nothing new, he had Alzheimer's 26 years ago. At least that would give him an excuse for ruining the nation to a degree that it's still felt some 26 years later.

2. The ultimate natural disaster. Cause he put more people out on the streets and out of house and home than any tornado, earthquake, fire, hurricane, blizzard, or ice storm.

3. The Devil
Whoa! My natural gas bill rate has went up 75%, Electricity up 55%, gasoline up over 125%, with no agency in place to regulate any of it, everything is going up...OH! except wages! If you're not rich in America today you're really taking it up the Ronald Reagan.
by Scandar April 03, 2006
Someone who plays the role of a nice old man but is secretly hateful and prejudiced.
Ronald Reagan was good at manipulating the American public by putting on a fake "nice old man" persona. And the gullible American majority believed it was his true personality. But in truth Ronald Reagan was a very dark man who supported many evil things.

The day of Ronald Reagan's death was one of the greatest days in history for humanity.
by Ounose February 18, 2009
A man who played President of the United States for two four-year terms, 1980-1984 and 1984-1988. Mrs. Reagan was his co-star and the Cabinet was his supporting cast.
Even many Democrats concede that, unlike George W. Bush, who is small, mean, petty, and spiteful, Ronald Reagan was basically a kind and decent man. Some feel that Reagan was simply a somewhat misguided man who surrounded himself with sycophants (see Oliver North).
by Chatty Chrissy January 28, 2008
1.) The Conservative equivalent to the Liberal's Barack Obama.

2.) A figure surrounded by so much Conservative idolatry, Conservatives support water-boarding because "It's What Reagan Would've Wanted".

3.) A term used to describe the fine, fine line between "Democrat" and "Republican".

4.) The last of the Dynasty in the "Republican Party" (beginning with T. Roosevelt); helped spawn a caricature of its former self, as the party continually tries to mimic the 'Reagan Era', but to no avail (See 'Bush Administration' or 'GOP').

5.) Ties with Obama for "Most-Ado-Over-A-Human-Being-Who-Will-Always-Be-A-Mortal, No-Matter-How-You-Spin-It" Award.

6.) 40th President of the United States of America.
Conservative: "Why can't Obama be more like Ronald Reagan?"
Liberal: "Ronald Reagan was awful; he should have been more like Obama."
by Jonathan Dranyer May 25, 2009

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