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Female name, primarily used in Scotland. Comes from the masculine form Ronan, meaning baby seal in a mixture of Gaelic and Norse (Ron meaning seal in Gaelic). This name is usually reserved for only the coolest and nicest of people.
Oh, don't we all love Rona, the alcoholic.
by radioactivemango March 09, 2008
amazing talented girl. beautiful ;) good in bed!! will be the greatest girlfriend you could want. Is sometimes a bit too goby and drinks a bit much but is great at a party. faithful trustworthy and hilarious. can get giddy but is an allover good one!
Scooootlander Rona Mckenzie.
by Callum Krepp August 07, 2008
Adjective for awesomeness.
Your rona in raising a Magikarp's splash attack exceeds all!
by Ronalan Over 9000 DongTong April 07, 2009
Nickname for Corona beer.
I'm gonna meet CJ down at the bar for a Rona or two.
by talkstoangels November 29, 2010
A Mexican Beer - (short for " Corona")
I hope Mark has some lime wedges to go with this Rona.
by Ron September 17, 2004
Slang for the the best beer created, Corona
1. Yo, you get the 24 pack of 'Rona?
Damn, I wish I had a 'Rona right now.
by Jake P. December 09, 2003
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