to defecate in fear, especially while atop a vehicle's cargo rack in a dog crate.
"We were going so fast down the interstate that I couldn't help but romney all over the crate floor!"
by Harliquinnraver January 12, 2012
The bloody gobs of endometrial tissue that sometimes come out with a woman's period.
"Eww, those little blobs of romney are so disgusting!"
by feministhulk August 12, 2011
I was so nauseated by the list of candidates that I wanted to romney all over my ballot.
by Bob Rush August 22, 2008
A unit of time defined by the minimum number of hours a grown man running for president can take to change his position on an issue (courtesy of Jon Stewart).
We've been in the car for almost two and half fucking Romneys now!
by DailyShowFTW March 02, 2012
A mediocre and boring choice that is the only real option because all other options are fucking insane or impossible.

Based of the 2012 republican candidate Mitt Romney campaigning against Gingrich, Santorum and Paul.
Guy 1- “You have the choice of eating prunes, broken glass, used condemns, or grilled unicorn. What’s your choice?”
Guy 2- “I guess I’ll go with the Romney and take the prunes.”
by bhunt8989 February 14, 2012
The three-and-a-half hour window in which a grown man running for president can change his deeply held conviction to its opposite.
"Oh my god, we've been in this car for two and a half romneys now! I need to pee! Wait, no, I don't."
by H-wizzle the Fiddle March 04, 2012
v. To vainly spend vast amounts and change one's position on issues in the hopes of winning an election.

I have no hope of becoming class president so I am going to romney until I've spent all the cash my folks gave me.
by gnostic 1 December 15, 2012
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