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The three and a half hour window in which a grown man running for president can change his deeply held conviction to its opposite.
Oh my G-d we've been in this f'in car for two and a half romneys now, I need to pee, no I don't. (as heard on The Daily Show, 1-March-2012)
by nuninthemorning March 03, 2012
The condition where one cannot remember that last time he got laid. Advanced stage: cannot remember with whom. Very advanced stage: Similar to advanced stage except he is married and faithful.
I cannot remember that last time I got, um, what's the word I'm looking for. Oh yeah, "laid." I must have Balzheimer's Disease.
by nuninthemorning August 07, 2009
The state of mind when one loses the ability to shut the fuck up because of excessive consumption of alcohol.
Don't pay attention to him, he doesn't know what he is saying because he's intoxious.
by nuninthemorning February 14, 2010
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