a measure of time, the Romney, is defined as the 3 1/2 hour window in which a grown man running for president can change his deeply held conviction to its opposite.

the Romney was first proposed by John Stuart on the Daily Show, 2012/03/01
oh my god, I've been in this f'ing car for 2 and a half Romney now, I need to pee... no i don't
by stevehhh March 03, 2012
When something is completely ridiculous, or incredibly rude
"She was being completely romney"
by Darth_Fabulous September 07, 2008
A unit for measuring time: defined as the 3 1/2 hour window in which a grown man, running for president, can change his deeply held conviction to its opposite.
Oh my God, we've been in this car for two and a half Romneys now!
by SavagePetunia March 02, 2012
Verb: The act of snowballing Santorum back and forth between two or more parties.
Ryan: Trying to Romney?

Cindy: Romneying is gross!

Ryan: I like it dirty, lets Romney.
by Yochai Wawsop May 31, 2012
Lying with the worst fake smile, so transparent, all but the dumbest of the dumb can see right through it.


Any lie that is so over the top, it makes the absurd seem normal.
#1: Little Timmy was sent home from school today after he told a romney in front of the entire classroom!"

#2: One more Romney and I'm filing for a divorce!

#3: <fake smile that never really goes away>
"I never really wanted to be president. I ran because of my love for the American people, well half of them."
<fake smile that never really goes away>

(the closing tag is intentionally not a closing tag)
by xrew December 23, 2012
v. To vainly spend vast amounts and change one's position on issues in the hopes of winning an election.
I have no hope of becoming class president so I am going to romney until I've spent all the cash.
by gnostic1 November 07, 2012
(Verb) To mop up a mixture of semen and tears with money.
She was crying when I came, but luckily I had $2 to Romney it up with.
by Din of Inequity September 05, 2012
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