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In spanish slang , something boring.
Esa película es un rollo
That film is boring
Qué rollo de tío!
What a boring guy!
by fonsucu July 10, 2008
16 19
Ecstasy pills sold in packs of 3 for the purpose of taking all 3 pills at one time.
"I just picked up a pack of rollos. I'm going to roll so hard at that party tonight!"
by Ez-roller June 26, 2008
1 4
A chocolate candy that has caramel in the middle. It's very tasty, especially around Christmas time.
Guy "I'm sorry I wasn't at your game I was eating Rollo's."
Guy 2 "Oh, that's ok then."
by ?????? Allen May 23, 2005
34 39
State of contentiousness, anger, acompanied by general malaise, or perhaps an acute hangover. Refers to existential psychologist Rollo May who suffered from tuberculosis and was thrown out of at least one college for his activities.
"I'm wakin up out of my slumber feeling like Rollo
So follow, it's Showtime at the Apollo minus the Kiki Shepards" from OutKast, Stankonia
by dumbwhiteboy October 04, 2005
12 25