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A human set of yellow, smelly, decaying, ill-spaced teeth that look like they belong in Lester, the common farm Jackass.  Mule teeth are particularly suited for those that grind their corn.  (From the Latin:  Muleicus Toothicus)
Jenny: What’s up with your Dad’s mule teeth? They look like they belong in a Donkey’s mouth.

Jim: Yeah, nasty, huh? You should see him turn corn kernels into corn meal.
by Storpy August 19, 2011
A particularly bubbly load of love sauce spewed after a night of hard drinking.
Paul: Wow, what a night. Did you fuck that girl?

Carl: Yeah, Nutweiser was bubbling out of her ham wallet.
by Storpy July 23, 2011
Ancient evil curse, Germanic in origin, that ensures ensuing generations of a family's men are endowed with an extremely small penis, aka, a nub.
Girlfriend: "What are we supposed to do with that?"

The Cursed:  "I got the Rollo Curse from my father, by the way, I thought size doesn't matter.  Bitch."
by Storpy August 19, 2011
A kid with a particularly large head. From the German "shtopsel", a decorated bottle cork, distinguishable by the large bavarian head at it's top.
Jimmy: "Tell the Shtopsel to come in here."
Bobby: "Are you kidding? He won't fit through the door."
by Storpy August 07, 2011
Term of endearment used for one's wife when seeking anal intercourse.  Usually used on Christmas Eve while drinking pinky finger mixed Manhattan's, and the kids are told to stay put in their rooms.
Dan:  I'm ready to "take a nap" Mush Mouse

Jeanette:  Oy, ok, let me get the kids put away.
by Storpy August 19, 2011
The ring of sweat left on the toilet seat upon getting up after a particularly problematic deuce.
The butt dew glistened after I put one through the hoop.
by Storpy July 20, 2011

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