State of contentiousness, anger, acompanied by general malaise, or perhaps an acute hangover. Refers to existential psychologist Rollo May who suffered from tuberculosis and was thrown out of at least one college for his activities.
"I'm wakin up out of my slumber feeling like Rollo
So follow, it's Showtime at the Apollo minus the Kiki Shepards" from OutKast, Stankonia
by dumbwhiteboy October 04, 2005
Top Definition
Slang for testicles or balls. Derived from the root M Rollo
My rollos itch. I got caught scratching my rollos.
by KDB in WA August 11, 2007
a Spanish slang term for a hook-up buddy
Eduardo es mi rollo.

Eduardo is my hook-up buddy.
by udayton12 May 11, 2011
Sub-Character on Sanford and Son
Rollo and Lamont always trolls for chicks.
by Alkatraz001 March 10, 2010
An epic anti-hipster instaorgasmicman that is able to get what he wants, when he wants it. He is fond of a British accent, if he doesn't already have one. He makes all the ladies love him with his socially awkward and geeky personality, but amazing fashion sense and abs. All the guys think he is god. And worship him.
Girl 1- is that... Rollo?

Girl 2- did you just say rollo?

Girl 1- yes-


Girl 1- Stop chewing on my couch cushions!
by Hoomboog January 07, 2013
Pinching the skin of the testicles, and rolling it between your fingers, immediately relieving your itchy balls.
Woman: "you always scratch your balls for minutes at a time! GROSS!"
Man: "i'm not scratchin them.. it's a rollo"
Woman: "a rollo?!"
Man: "yeah, you know, when you pinch the ballskin and roll it between ur fingers cuz it's itchy!? DUH"
by zeusmcguffin August 25, 2009
Ecstasy pills. Usually used in public so only people who take x can recognize what you are talking about if they over hear.
Hey fool I need you to pick up 30 rollos for me.
by I know the lingo November 13, 2007
Cop On A Bike. Usually Used In College campuses
Dude Get The Beer in the Dorm, The Roll-o Is Coming
by Prophet JaHN September 13, 2006
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