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What Optimus Prime says to the other Autobots when they're about to get down to business.
Transformers, roll out!
by NaeNaeHasHeart October 18, 2007
Roll Out: to exit, leave,
Yo T-Murders acting a fool, dat niggaz been runnin his mouth since we got here. Let's roll out before shit goes down.
by Michael Welch December 31, 2005
A tradition in many organizations (fraternities, sororities, clubs, sports teams) in which new members are woken up in the middle of the night or early in the morning, usually to participate in some sort of hazing activity.
After the president of my fraternity caught Marty in bed with his girlfriend during the rollout, he really wasn't surprised when they broke out the hot branding iron and told him to drop his pants.
by Nick D July 12, 2004
To do anything.... Can be used in anyway or in any sentence. The true definition is not known by anyone. So it is used as a replacement for anything you want.
"I'm going to rollout to the INS."
"I Just got dumped" "Dude, just rollout."
"So you wanna go Rollout?"
"We are going to rollout the team this week."
"This party is rolled out"
by Effran Cattala October 08, 2003
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