4 definitions by Ash1402

- A football (soccer) player for Man United who looks a bit like shrek
- A bad temper normally resulting in a red card
- A word used by kids playing football
And rooney scores...

Rooney takes this one too far thats a red card and england are a man down

ohhhhh hes scored a rooney
by Ash1402 July 06, 2006
A wanker is some total nob head who is being a twat but wanker is the first thing that comes to mind.
Chocha is a total wanker!!
by Ash1402 June 26, 2006
The exact same as a wanker. A person left all alone in the house no mum or dad he goes up into his room and decides to toss him self off he imagines a chocha in his mind.
People who wank/toss them selfs think of chocha cause he is gay. He also wanks about himself cause he is a fanny!!and a total tosser
by Ash1402 June 26, 2006
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