Under the influence of XTC.
"I'm Rollin' Balls!!"
"Dawg, you tryin' to roll tonight?"
"Do you know where i can get some bomb rolls?"
by Nic M. December 28, 2007
To jump and/or rob. Comes from the Vietnam War era when American soldiers used to get rolled from behind when they were distracted. (When GI JOE would be doin a hooker and get hit from behind by a club).
You better put those benjamins away for you get ROLLED up in this mug.
by Joshiro007 February 19, 2003
Ecstasy Pills
Man I took two rolls yesterday and I was rollin hard.
by Relic60 August 13, 2009
can mean many things but i noticed this one wasnt listed: slang term for a pill of ecstacy.
"Hey, you know where i can get any rolls?"
"I took some bomb-ass rolls the other night!"
by kemiss March 20, 2006
A word used to describe a particular person's behavior or idiosyncrasies.
I work hard and party hard. That's how I roll.
by olivesmarch4th June 22, 2005
Originally from the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu slang "rolar", to engage in BJJ practice, to engage in any kind of grappling martial art, specially BJJ.
Royce had been rolling for some minutes when he got caught in a clock choke and was put to sleep.
by Teacher Jair February 21, 2005
1. A single tablet of ECSTASY, or MDMA. (METHYLENEDIOXYMETHAMPHETAMINE) Or, used plurally, ROLLS: SEVERAL hits of Ecstasy.

2. As a VERB, the term "ROLLING" is used to announce the fact that one is under the influence of Ecstasy.
Jason: "Kid, I'm rolling FACE!"

Amanda: "Really? So far I think these rolls SUCK!"

Jason: "But we both dropped at the same time! I don't know, give it another half an hour and if you still don't feel anything, eat another half!"

Amanda: "Your boy should have given us a DEAL on these. $20 a pop for ten of these is a RIPOFF! Why do Blue Dolphins ALWAYS have to suck ASS!?"
by Hitman617 June 20, 2009

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