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When one must use the cardboard toilet paper role to wipe because the tissue paper ran out. For butt cheeks with a >20" circumference, the entire tube must be used at once; if <20" one must rip up the tube and use the individual strips.

This often occurs under the following circumstances:
-The ass is full of shit, thus eliminating the possibility of waddling to the closet to grab another role
-There are no more roles left in your house or shitting locale

This process is often painful due to the jagged edges of the pieces and it is advised to proceed with caution, nibbling on the edges does help.
36 hours after eating the grits, burrito and multiple corn cobs, I unleashed a steamy load into the toilet, only to find I was out of toilet paper; I had to roll it with two tubes, one of which was from the trash can.
by etunim October 19, 2013
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