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A Lexus automobile filled with Rolex watches. Why? Just to have one.

etymology: early 21st century, from Rolex + Lexus
Tom Haverford: "Dennis Feinstein belongs to a new generation of wealth: rappers, tech geniuses, X Games medalists, and of course, scent artists. The man owns a Rolexus, it's a Lexus filled with Rolexes."

Ben Wyatt: "What's the point of that?"

Tom Haverford: "To have it, which he does!?"

Ben Wyatt: "Feinstein's the worst, I hope he gets into an accident driving that Rolex-mobile."

Tom Haverford: "For the last time it's a Rolexus and you can't drive it!"
by MAV28 April 19, 2013
A bitch that don't give a fuck how a hoe feel but deep down inside have a heart and loves a very special boy. And is smart
Rolexus : phone rings (yes) Gio

Gio : don't call me gio say yes bae
Rolexus : lol okay yes bae

Gio : I love you

Rolexus : I love you too
by Becky23 January 13, 2012
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