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3 definitions by MAV28

The act of publicly masturbating while on a street corner in San Diego, usually after having led a social justice campaign, and gone nuts from the pressure. The term was coined by South Park which satirized the founder of Invisible Children, Jason Russell, for engaging in the aforementioned act, which pretty much destroyed any momentum his movment, Kony 2012, had left.
Kyle: "Well when you're naked and jacking it in San Diego, don't say I didn't warn you."

Stan: "What?!"...

Barber shop trio: "Jackin' it, jackin' it, jack-ity jack, spankin' it, slappin' it, spank-ity slap!"...

Mayor: "...why not try jacking it on one of our city streets? San Diego, cum, take a load off."
by MAV28 March 11, 2013
A Lexus automobile filled with Rolex watches. Why? Just to have one.

etymology: early 21st century, from Rolex + Lexus
Tom Haverford: "Dennis Feinstein belongs to a new generation of wealth: rappers, tech geniuses, X Games medalists, and of course, scent artists. The man owns a Rolexus, it's a Lexus filled with Rolexes."

Ben Wyatt: "What's the point of that?"

Tom Haverford: "To have it, which he does!?"

Ben Wyatt: "Feinstein's the worst, I hope he gets into an accident driving that Rolex-mobile."

Tom Haverford: "For the last time it's a Rolexus and you can't drive it!"
by MAV28 April 19, 2013
A real diva roach is defined both by an obsession with superficiality and themselves (i.e. diva); and generally being a disgusting insect who just won't die (i.e. roach). The term is thus a profound insult reserved only for the most vile of rat cowards or reversals in evolution.

etymology: early 21st century, from diva + roach
Amir Valerie Blumenfeld: I've been acting like a real... a real diva roach for the past seven... eight years.

Jacob Penn Cooper Hurwitz: Don't you think at that point it's not acting like anything, you just are a diva roach? Like some sort of reverse evolution?
by MAV28 April 23, 2014