Big stone in space where you spaceship could crash into if you don't watch out.
<megan00b> ah, crap; I just hit a roid
<valkj0ck> lol
by Sheean May 19, 2004
buff ass steroid usin mother fucker way hes that strong from just workin out. He must be a roid
by The guy with a big chin June 22, 2005
redneck short for neeg-royd
not a hemoroid a neegaroyd!!!
by redneck March 19, 2004
Originates from the medical term for piles. West country speak for a not-very-bright person. Unread, uncultured and sometimes pig ignorant
Ugh, you roid!
by Antonia Kiedis May 12, 2003

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