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Roggles, otherwise known as Rochester Goggles, are invisible goggles worn my men at the University of Rochester to make the girls instantly become better looking.

The visual effects of Roggles are roughly equivalent to 5 shots of Everclear, and a 4 Loko.

Roggles are a necessity for a male at the University of Rochester if he wants to even consider getting with a semi-attractive girl.
Jered: "Damn dude! That girl is hotttttt!"

Elijah: "Holy shit that girl is smokin'"

Stephon: "Are you guys serious? Take off your Roggles!"
by URnotgoodlooking October 19, 2010
Roggle is a universal word which can be used in almost any setting and situation. The origin of roggle is shrouded in mystery, though scholars believed it came in to existence because of a definite lack of roggle in the world. When all else fails, roggle.
"Wow, you really got roggled."

"Stop roggling me."

"Roggle Roggle."

"This roggle is just ridiculous"

"If you don't understand roggle, it isn't for you."

by symfox June 11, 2008
1. Typically used to describe the enunciation, or lack there of, from a person talking while in an extremely inebriated state.
2. An indistinct pronunciation or sound.
3. Used to describe a person's inhebriated state. -e, -ed
1. Frankie was really F'd up; I couldn't understand what he was saying and it all sounded like roggle-roggle to me.
2. Mike was so roggled out at the bar last night, we had to carry him home.

also; The mumbled sound made by the Hamburgler "roggle-roggle"
by KASH22 April 27, 2009
Roggle (v): to agitate a lazy, sleeping cat; to flip a cat on its back, give it a belly raspberry and tickle it until it meows and tries to wriggle away.
I decided, after coming home to see my cat sleeping in exactly the same position as I left four hours prior, to jump on the bed and roggle the cat into a more active state.
by djembefola January 03, 2008
A hideous noise. Like a garggle. Sounds better when drunk.
Hey do you wanna Roggle tonight?
by angelswithdirtyfaces April 10, 2007
The act of performing fellatio on a Scandinavian hermaephrodite hooker.
VeryProudofYa roggles whilst in the IRC channels,which is a talent to be sure.
by Teq April 26, 2005
something that causes confusion of a highlevel,
something that is 'cool'
dude you totally roggled me with your big speech,
woah that bag is so roggle!
by angelxxangel August 04, 2007
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