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bad ass mofo whom one does not want to f with. a charasmatic smile and devilish grim make way for a severe ass whooping if you do not do as you are told. one who believes in a diferent body could arouse a mans intentions but does not know she already does with the one she has. a hardening of the penis to an almost explosive state.
you straight up got rodgers punk

keep dancing like that im almost at a rodgers
by knightdemon July 10, 2011
A British word, useful at dinner parties, quite simply, to have sex.
Darling, I can tell by the way you're walking that you require a good rodgering.
by Richard Curran June 23, 2006
a old british word, meaning sextual intercoarse
I love to have rodger.
by mamma jamma 51 November 16, 2009
British Name For A kid Named Mason Strictland
Rodger off american dad
by uglypieceofcaca May 22, 2011