(adj.) desirous of sexual activity or sexually aroused - see HORNY
- "I'm so fucking rocky, Ricky."
- "I like that kind of party. More Rosé?"
by BadManLGN August 28, 2012
Rocky is the slang name given to cannibis resin or hash. It usually comes in a solid form. The majority of hash found in the Uk is hard and brown and has to crumbled using a lighter. Although softer variants are to be found that just crumble with your hands.
" yo bruv you know where I can get sum rocky?"
" is this skunk of rocky in this spliff?"
"what you after bruv rocky or green?"
by shaun April 25, 2006
An erection.
I've got such a rocky!
by The Donked April 05, 2010
Sneaking up behind someone and throwing water into the side of their face and then punching them in the other side of their face. Makes it look like a fight scene in the Rocky movies when he gets punched and sweat goes flying
There are lots of Rockies in Jackass 3D
by Big Mike the Cripple October 19, 2010
The most common dog name in 2014.
*at the dog park*
Rami: Cute dog, what's its name?
Katrina: Rocky.
Rami: OMG, same!
by larryq September 30, 2014
Pertaining to, but not limited to the drunken use of boxing gloves to create complete mayhem and leave in wake utter destruction. Symptoms include urges to destory fraternity windows and housing, to paw and try on every article of fraternal ceremonial clothing, to slide down railings with complete abandon, fall asleep facedown in new friends' bedrooms, chugging pink vodka straight out of the bottle until you pass out, demolishing the very essence of fraternal mail systems, and a complete loss of motor movement and inhibitions.

"Did you see that chick go ROCKY last night?"
"No, but I heard she punched out a frat house's window with a stolen boxing glove!"
by Rachel Yo February 23, 2008
A cocky jerk that plays games! Doesn't think of others feelings and is out to fulfill his own desires. Talks a good game as long as it benefits him. Thinks he is gods gift to women. Caring one minute , then a coward the next! Unable to feel or express them. Thinks he is good at lying then makes excuses when caught. Unable to express himself and no care to do so! Has to rule and likes to intimidate others! Fake, a fraud, and not manly at all! Intimidates easily and makes stupid mistakes. Lacks trust and is selfcentered. Can't admit he was wrong and won't forgive if u were. Don't know how to say sorry, because he doesn't know he's a jerk! Give it then takes it away! Coward, fraud and fake!
Rock, rocky, rocket, ro
by Regretingsomuch November 27, 2013

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