"That look you get when you're dressed like a rockstar". Invented by K-Mart to sell back to school clothes.
Are you rockstaring at me?
I could rockstare at those jeans all day.
by reader8 August 13, 2009
Top Definition
A gay ass word made up to sell gay ass clothes to gay ass children.
Sally: I like to rockstare at your jeans.

Billy: You're a gay ass. Get a life.
by skipray22 August 11, 2009
A dumb word a bunch of preteens made up on the annoying K-Mart commercials where young children think they're style is the best in the world.

See blingitude.

Warning: Please don't let this word become part of your vocabulary unless you demand self-humiliation.
Teacher: Define the word 'rockstare'.
Normal, cool student: Rockstare?
Retarded preteen with admittedly nice hair who thinks she's all that: It's the look you get when your so fucking fabulous like me!
by Boo K-Mart. August 11, 2009
A phrase invented by Kmart that no one actually uses. A lame attempt by a corporate entity to relate to an age group they know nothing about. Kids that use this phrase are frequently punched in the face. Especially if their clothes are from Kmart.
Boy 1 - I think that girl is giving me the rock stare!

Boy 2 - No, she's staring at that super lame Family Guy printed tee you got from Kmart. *punches in face*
by caiticait August 25, 2009
Rockstare is the act of someone staring at someone uncontrollably. The person being stared at is usually dressed like a rockstar and/or feels like a rockstar.
Did you just rockstare at me?
by ACMP December 06, 2009
That look you get when you dress like a Rock Star
Rock stare:

"Are you rock staring at me?"
by A.Rod88 August 13, 2009
The look you get when you dress like a rock star.
Those people over there are giving me the rock stare.

They keep rock starring at me.
by fly hy August 16, 2009

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