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A person who always delivers the goods. If they say they are going to do something they do. Rockstars tend to downplay their success and don't like the attention. They simply deliver consistent results.

This word is the antonym to and should not be confused with a Crockstar, who just talks big and doesn't deliver shit for results.
That girl is a rockstar. She said she could handle all of the events and she delivered every time.
by RamHemiTX September 09, 2011

A inconsequential person who talks a big game, but their big talk is just a crock of shit because they never do what they say they will.

"Crockstar" is the antonym to, and should not be confused with a "Rockstar".
That guy is such a crockstar. Time after time, he has offered to things and then always has an excuse to offer, but no results.
by RamHemiTX September 09, 2011
A person who does not have a preference of Taco Bell or Taco Bueno and would be happy to eat at either restaurant.
Hey Chuck, I want to grab some Mexican food for lunch, I am ambi-mextrous so I don't care if we go to Bell or Bueno. What is your preference?
by RamHemiTX March 02, 2010

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