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1. Rockmelon is a word used to describe 2 similar types of muskmelon that can also be referred to as a 'canteloupes' or 'canteloups'. The fruit originated in India and Africa but is now grown in Europe, America and Australia for commercial use.

2. RockMelon are a 4 piece punk rock band from the United Kingdom, well known for wearing convict style jumpsuits when playing festivals and large events.
1. Tim: "Hey John have you ever tasted Rockmelon?"
John: "Rockmelon?"
Tim: "Canteloupe maybe?"
John: "No idea what they are"
Tim: "Well they're wicked tasty"

2. Tim: "Hey have you ever heard the music of RockMelon?"
John: "No I haven't"
Tim: "Fuck, John, what the hell is wrong with you? Have you ever done or seen anything in your life?"
by Ilikebaguettes February 25, 2009
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