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An amazing friend, gives unconditional love. Selfless, caring, loving , hilarious.A really hot chick, who will rock your world in the bedroom. She gives great head, but only does it on a rare occasion.
"Rocki is the funniest person ever"

"That is such a Rocki thing to say"
#selfless #loving #caring #hot #hilarious #big booty
by Shaniquaman February 02, 2010
A chick that is so chubby that she rocks the bed when she climbs in. She often has unsightly lumps and bumps as well as longer vagina lips and a loose pussy. Her extras can cause her to be uncleanly and smell like rotten food mixed with BO. She is not good in bed, she's a "Rocki" lover.
1.) "Man.. Every time with fuck that girl is Rocki"

2.) "That ho smells like some nasty Rocki"

3.) "Don't go for her, that chick is Rocki"
#rocki #chubby #smelly #dirty #saggy #lumpy #obese
by JJBrown82 July 23, 2011
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