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Rockface is a game in which a group of guys sit around a table. Under the table is a female, the female sucks the guys dicks. When someones dick is being sucked he needs to keep his rockface on. The others around the table guess which one is being sucked. If you guess right the person being sucked is out. If you guess wrong you are out. The final two get to Eiffel Tower the girl. The game originated in Tulsa, OK and has migrated into Lincoln, NE.
Rockface is one awesome game. The only problem is a girl won't submit herself to it.
by rockfacepwner March 19, 2009
exellence of something, usually video gaming
GILIITCIH rocks face at halo.
by GILIITCIH January 10, 2004
The unbelievable facial contortions that happen when the body has three choices during a mam-a-jam of a guitar solo

1. Rock face
2. Duece in the pants
3. Nnnuuuugh, spooge.
Did you see that f-ing Rock Face he made coming out of the Rockin Horse solo?

I don't know man, he may have to change his underwear.
by dead777 February 04, 2010
used to describe a person who is way too awesome to use the word awesome... so you are to say "they rock face."
Person 1: Dude, Elder Ephraim "Rocks Face..."
Person 2: Dude, he does "Rock Face..."
by orthotrick January 28, 2010
1. Implying your advarsary has the facial fetures of a rock.
2. An insult of utmost offensiveness. Especially in places such as Ghana and Joe Pursells House.
1. Blaine: "Oh Go and Pet Your Rock"
2. Blaine: "Your Such a Rockface"
Joe: "Son, Get the gun..."
by Blaine Woodman June 15, 2008
Somebody can be labelled a 'Rock Face' if they have just said something embarassing.
Rofl, he's such a Rock Face. Or am I?
by iAshley91 May 11, 2008

rock=crack, face=head.
rock + face = rockface.
Dude, quit being such a rockface!
by b18ch1ck November 05, 2006
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