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when one calls someone, and jerks off during a phone conversation without the other person knowing.
this guy (claiming to be a telemarketer) talked to me for about 15 minutes, only to reveal he was phone raping me.
by GILIITCIH December 01, 2003
Living on the edge, a tentancy to disregaurd authority and is notorious for trouble. Also known as BA.
Wow Jay Bator, talking back to the principal was really BA!
by GILIITCIH November 12, 2003
when one instant messages somebody, and unknowing to the other person, begins jerking it in conversation
a man had 15 IM windows open, and was jerking it, therefore he internet raped 15 people..
by GILIITCIH December 01, 2003
The breakfast of h4x0rz
Shadow01 ate his 1337ies this morning, look at him pwn noobs!
by GILIITCIH December 21, 2005
exellence of something, usually video gaming
GILIITCIH rocks face at halo.
by GILIITCIH January 10, 2004

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