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no not that Rockaway, the Rockaway, believe it or not before the stupid song came out the beach side neighborhood of Rockaway Beach, NYC was there. One of the highest concentrated population of Irish people in the country, once call Irish Town USA, there were 102 bars in a 3 x 4 block span. It is the most radical party town you can encounter. We're there is no such time where you cant buy beer and weed is only a phone call, chirp, or yell away. The bars don't close until the beagel stores open, somtimes later, where smoking is not allowed in bars except if its smoking a joint with the bar owner, where the bartenders actually know what there doing and give buy-backs. Where you never have to hear a rap song at a bar, just good music. The summers are alive with party after party. Where the eve of every holliday seems like a reson to get wasted, you start drinking at family parties before you get out of 8th grade, where a person on the handlebars of your hampton cruiser is carpooling, and a late night skinny dip after a long night of drinking is the normal thing to do. Where fitting 9 guys into a cab is allowed. Where you can go and hang out with your 16 year old cousins at the bar with out a promblem. A cooler on the beach and a few friends can turn into a raging party. Where on a stormy day you can find most lifeguards in Rockaway at Connollys at 3 in the afternoon. Where 14 year olds are having kegs and 40 year olds are having house parties and everybody in between is drinking somwhere. Where you can ride a bike to the bar and not be the only one to do so. Where surfing is a past time and kickball is still cool. This is a college town, without the college. Where your friends have been your friends for life and will be for life.
Its so Irish that it shuts down and we have our own St Pattys day.

Drinking at Tommy's in the middle of the street at noon on a sunday, ahhh good times.
by TJ 2-e March 08, 2005
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The only dance that fat joes weight restrictions allows him to do.
My niggers dont dance they just pull up their pants... and do the rock away. Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.
by Joseph Medeiros Jr July 01, 2004

no not that Rockaway, the Rockaway,where parents and grandparents alike willingly sell their children into slave labor if they refuse to drink alcohol before they can walk. It has the highest concentration of Irish people in the whole intergalactic galaxy. There are more white asses,freckles, and poorly sculpted bodies than there are single grains of sand on its beaches. By the time children reach the age of 12, they are already giving bouncers high fives and drinking moonshine at anyone of the town's 10,000 bars...AND THATS JUST PREGAMING! The bars don't close...ever. Stear clear non-partyers! Where smoking a joint with the bar owner is perfectly fine, if you give him a handjob of course!! Dogs poop on sidewalks, cab driver's have hearing aids, and nobody's complaining...they're all too drunk!!!!! Cars are obsolete for this "college town without a college", Hampton Cruisers rule the streets...and people are driving them...DRUNK! Late night skinny dipping is perfectly acceptable, in fact its mandatory. Dads neglect children, and its ok cuz everybodys having fun. Coolers on the beach is a religious ceremony, where a breezy kid is captured and sacrificed to the Gods. Its a raging party, where 40 year olds and 14 year olds r shotgunning beers in the rectory of St. Francis de Sales, while Sr. Pat taps the next keg. Need a haircut?No problemo, Frank the skank will be with you in a jiff to massacre your helmet. Yeah, its that kind of town. Where if you listen carefully late at night, you can still hear the soft crooning of a passed rockawayan chanting: "iLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..."
And out of respect, those continuing the legacy, all collectively raise their glasses , and softly respond :"..doggers..." I love this place.
that mick mutant is from rockaway
by Spiggity spont April 06, 2009
A really useless dance move created by some rapper. Involves crossing your arms and leaning back repeatedly.
That boy thinks he's fly, doing the rockaway.
by she who says meow July 24, 2004
A neighborhood in Queens where young people spend all their money on clothing, alcohol, and drugs. A neighborhood full of crackheads on 116th street and a nice bagel place and deli on 129th.
A neighborhood where people tip chairs for fun and get zooted 24/7
I went to this sick party at Rockaway yesterday

by Baby Rapist October 05, 2008
beach town in ny. the kinda town where your english teacher at SFDS is a bar tender at connelys, your first job was at the warf. your first drink was in breezy by the bungalos, and if you drive slowly past st francis de sales school you'll hear "mcmanus, spit out the gum!" being yelled by mikeybarna. every one plays soccer or basketball or both...and kids play manhunt till their 30

i love rockaway :)
oh yeah and rockaway boys are always really hot. especially sfds boys
damn look at those rockaway kids. drinking at 13....da loca!

man rockaway boys are fine. id like to get me one.

i already have one.
;) matt
by megenG February 27, 2011
Rockaway New Jersey is a fairly large town filled with snobby rich kids in overly developed houses. If you go too far north into Rockaway you'll encounter a strange breed of people that inhabit Greenpond Lake. Although some are classy and know how to party, others are just weird and straight up inbred.Another perk of lovely Rockaway is the White Meadow lake region. It centers around the jewish community and unless your twelve, really has nothing to offer. Rockaway cops, like neighboring town Denville cops feel that they have a job to do, besides busting parties at eleven oclock at night that is, and will pull you over on any given road for driving two miles over the speed limit, let you off with a warning, and complete ignore the turn signal-less asshole that was driving beside you. Rockaway has no real "town" unless you hang out in the borough, in which case you don't count. The town is divided up by two high schools, Morris Hills and Morris Knolls. Many will argue that hills is better, but we all know that is FALSE. Famous for the shitty Rockaway mall that any self respecting woman will tell you has no stores of value whatsoever, Rockaway has virtually nothing to offer the world and has doomed all of its society to become commuter workers and teachers for the rest of their lives. AMEN.
"Did you hear about that Rockaway party?
Yeah i just heard it got busted"

by supkillaahh March 20, 2009
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