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n. 1.A revolution in the mind, often the result of inspired poetry.

n. 2.A new hairstyle being spread in Richmond, VA among "hip artists".
VCU Student #1: "I went to this poetry slam in which I suffered a major Robolution."
VCU Student #2: "I know; the amazing poetry caused me to have a nosebleed!"

VCU Student: "I would like a Robolution, with a little extra off of the sides."
Local Barber: "Pardon me, but what the hell are you talking about?"
by Un homme le Chadwick January 06, 2010
The corrupt goverment that claims themselves as revolutionary and their best interests are in the poor people...but in the end, made a lots MORE of poor people.
Chavez made his robolution, but he´s gonna leave already in 2013, if not earlier...
by Josiekarina January 15, 2008

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