British dude who got famous for his interpretation of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and got even more famous after playing the role of Edward Cullen on the movie Twilight. Adored by millions of stupid fans,who blindly think he is gorgeous, not realizing that his flat face really look's like he was hit by a big, hard, flat plank when he was little, leaving him hideous for the rest of his life. He doesn't give a shit about what his fans think about him and likes to drink and get hung over.
fan 1: Oh look there is Robbert Pattinson!

fan 2: OMG he is so gorgeous! Hey Robert! sign us an autograph!

Robert Pattinson: stupid fans... why can't they go get a life and leave me be?
by simple.funny.hyper.crazy March 17, 2009
He is a guy on Twilight. The main character. if you don't love him, you hate him. i know im gonna get some shizz over this but WHO CARES!? he just a person. no need to diss him. no need to swoon. i dont hate him, but i dont love him either.
Robert Pattinson Fan: OMG I LOVE ROBERT TO DEATH!!!!


Me: STFU ALL OF YOU. CALM DOWN AND BE NICE. and not to over the top
by K_K_3_3 July 25, 2009
A mediocre actor who was launched to fame by snagging the role of Cedric Diggory in the fourth Harry Potter film. He was noted as a attractive actor but his face did not launch a thousand ships of fandom. Yet. He was later offered the part of Edward Cullen in the movie Twilight where his acting was significantly less than it was in the Potter film. The fact that he did not take his character seriously shown through in every scene. Robert has now taken to not showering daily and enjoys leaving his hair greasy so it sticks up in funny ways. Unfortunately thousands upon thousands of very vocal girls would love to run their hands through his slimy locks.
Hey you haven't showered in days, you're starting to look like Robert Pattinson.
by JustNotSeeingIt October 18, 2009
Some dude who got the role of some random vampire dude that only females like.
Isn't good looking at all, but apparently Hollywood has declared he is the hottest star on earth and therefore, we as sheep who follow our "Holly Shepherd Wood" must also say that he is the hottest star on earth, although the author of this definition declares him to be ugly, a terrible actor, and never deserved the role of Cedric Diggory in harry Potter.
Anna: Isn't Robert Pattinson hot?
Me: No

Sally: Isn't the guy who plays Edward Cullen in Twilight hot?
Me: No.

Julie: Isn't the guy who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter hot?
Me: No.

Anna: But his eyebrows are so goddamn sexy
Me: They're bushy. Like a tree with no trunk on a spring day.

Sally: Doesn't he have such a hot body?
Me: I've seen better. Their abs actually look real.

Julie: His smile makes me melt
Me: So does the sun. Doesn't mean I like it. 'Sides, he can't even smile. it's more like a grimace
by ihaterobertpattinson September 20, 2009
ugly guy that has to have fake abs put on for his scene without a shirt in New Moon
Girl 1: OMG who's that guy?
Girl 2: Which one?
Girl 1: The one with the bad tan and bad body
Girl 2: Oh that's Robert Pattinson he makes a horrible Edward Cullen. You know the guy who plays Stephan Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries?
Girl 1: yeah what about him?
Girl 2: he would have made such a better edward
by Edward Hater December 30, 2009
The ugliest man alive, never shaves, pale, square head, bushy eyebrows, gross looking.

Taylor Lautner is where it's at.
Ew Robert Pattinson? Makes Edward Cullen seem ugly!
by TOGEPI :) August 13, 2009
Some really overrated actor who is best known for his work as Edward Cullen in the film Twishi-uh I mean Twilight....
He is known to people (when I say people, I mean fangirls and tabloids) sometimes as R-Pattz.

He actually first made his big debut playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I have to say he was actually good then (this was BEFORE the twilight fangirls and Kristen Stewart came.)
There are some aspects of him which I do like, however, in that he starred in harry potter and (surprisingly) he hates twilight!!
Fangirls absolutely adore him and think he is the fittest man on earth and that he is going to be their husband- no chance there! Those people are idiots. If they are your friends, for the love of God, please stick a Harry Potter book under their nose and force them to watch the Harry Potter films over and over again, this'll show them some sense.
Person 1: Oh Ma gawd Edward Cullen is FIT!

Person 2: You mean Cedric Diggory?


(Person 2 shows GOF to Person 1)

Person 1: Wow, I must say, Robert Pattinson is more appealing in the Goblet of Fire than in the Twilight saga. Cedric Diggory is a much braver character than Robert Pattinson's other alter-ego, Edward Cullen.
by blahblahblahblah56 August 17, 2011
The prime example of how a physically unattractive, unhygenic guy can be adored by millions of females simply for playing a heartthrob character in a movie that became phenomenally popular.
Ugly guys who are desperate to get laid are envious of Robert Pattinson.
by twilight? December 14, 2009
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